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Mobage Mobacoin 10000

for Japanese Mobage account only


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Purchase now this Mobage card that can be redeemed for 10,000 Mobacoin on the Mobage store. Use the token to purchase or top-up your in-game wallet.

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This product earns you 123 Codepoints! Redeem your Codepoints, to get a discount on your next order.


1 review for Mobage Mobacoin 10000

  1. Andrew (verified owner)

    An easy purchased as advertised, I highly recommend codesend.

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10,000 yens is a bit much than what you need, don’t worry we have lower value cards available on the store. Pick the one that fits your need exclusively.

A 5,000 Mobacoin worth card, a great amount to fill up your wallet for a bit of time.


Our best-seller, the right amount of token for those who are looking to improve their gaming experience.


A small deposit, the first Mobacoin card available on our store. Perfect for a small wallet top-up.


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A wide library of games

Take a look at the Mobage library to get the first taste of what you are missing without purchasing a Mobage card. Thanks to Codesend you can now purchase and use the Mobacoin token at your ease.

How to deal with Mobage?

How to start a Japanese Mobage account?

Creating an account is mandatory if you want to use your Mobage card and use your Mobacoin. Follow our step by step guide, and get your account within few minutes without struggles.

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What games are popular on Mobage

Take a pick at the best sellers on Mobage, use your Mobacoin now, and enjoy your experience.

GranBlue Fantasy

Connects combat game action and RPG-style experience in this best sellers game.


Produced by the DeNa studio itself, this unique game is linking other characters from Final Fantasy to the prior edition.

ONE PIECE Thousand Storm

The popular ONE PIECE 3D battle RPG adventure. Get the capacity to guide the numerous characters of the saga and find the One Piece!
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some of the questions most frequently asked by our visitors. We invite you to contact our customer service if this section does not answer your questions.

Where will I receive my 10,000-yen Mobage code?
We will send the code in a text followed by a capture of the 10,000 Mobage card by email. We urge you to verify that there are no typos in the email address you entered when you sign up.
When will I receive my Japanese Mobage card?
First-time buyers: If this is your initial purchasing on Codesend, we will need to validate your profile before transferring you the email containing your 1,000 Yens Mobage code. The verification will be done by Codesend in less than 24 hours.

Product in stock: If it says that we have 1,000 Yens Mobage cards in our stock and that you have already purchased on Codesend, you will obtain your card instantly following your purchase.

Backorders: If we don’t hold your desired card in stock, we grant you the ability to purchase this product in the backorder. In this circumstance, we will secure that you receive your code in 24 hours.

Are there any purchase limits?
Most of the sites restrict their customers’ buying. We do not practice such limitations. You can buy as much as you necessitate.

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