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Japanese PSN Gift Card 3000 Yen

for PlayStation Network Japan only


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This 3000 yen gift card will allow you to purchase video games and other digital content for your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita from the Japanese PlayStation Store. By purchasing your card on Codesend, you will receive your code in less than a minute if we have this PSN card in stock and your account is already validated.

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1 review for Japanese PSN Gift Card 3000 Yen

  1. David (verified owner)

    Fast & Safe. Got my code in the minute!

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Maximum value for the maximum amount of content on your PlayStation console.



Buy discounted games on the PlayStation Store Japan with this gift card.



This gift card will allow you to buy smaller products, such as Japanese movies or series.


Play PSN Japanese games

That’s all you like

All the best Japanese content on your PlayStation

Do you have a Japanese PlayStation account, but don’t live in Japan? Codesend is the solution that allows you to buy all the exclusive content in Japan while staying at home.

How to get started

Create your Japanese PlayStation Network account today

In order to use this 3000 yen PSN gift card, you will need to create a Japanese PlayStation Network account. It’s easy, just follow our tutorial to get started and access all that PlayStation Japan has to offer.

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What will end up in your PlayStation

Things you can buy with this PSN gift card

PlayStation Network Japan offers a wide range of digital content. They are all accessible with the credit on this PSN card of 3000 yen.

Japanese Video Games

Shop for PS4, PS3 and PlayStation Vita games exclusive to the Japanese market.

Downloadable Content

Download add-ons for your favorite Japanese games as if you were in Japan.

Videos from Japan

A wide range of Japanese series, shows and movies await you on your PlayStation.

A service created for us, the players

Why choose Codesend?

Codesend is a Tokyo-based start-up company that strives to offer the best user experience and the most competitive prices to players around the world. Our mission is to make digital content as accessible as possible.

A code, now!

Users who have an account that has already been verified by our team can receive their codes within seconds.

100% success rate

We buy all our gift cards from official suppliers that we trust completely.

The cheapest codes

We monitor the prices of the competition in order to always offer you the best prices on each card.

Loyalty rewarded

Discount codes and other gifts to our most loyal customers are not uncommon.

Common Questions and Answers


Here are some of the questions our customer support receives most often. If these answers are not enough for you, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

How do I get my 3,000 yen gift card?

We will send you your 3000 yen PSN code by email, in text format and also with a photo of the original card. Therefore we ask you to verify your email address when you register.

How long will I have to wait for my 3,000 yen PSN code?

First time buyers: If this is your first purchase on Codesend, we will need to verify your information before sending you the email containing your code. The verification will be done by our staff in less than a day.

Product in stock: If it says that we have 3,000 yen PSN cards in stock and that you have already purchased at least once on Codesend, you will receive your card instantly after your purchase.

Backorders: If we don’t have this Japanese PlayStation Network gift card in stock, you can still do a backorder. In this case, we will ensure that you receive your code in less than 24 hours.

Do you apply purchase limits?

No, we have no real purchasing limits, unlike many of our competitors. You can buy as much as you need.

However, please note that the PlayStation wallet has a balance limit of 20,000 yen. You will receive an error message if you try to redeem more than this amount.

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