Japanese iTunes Gift Card 5,000 yen

For the Japanese App Store & Japanese iTunes account


A prepaid card in the amount of 5,000 yen to be traded online on the app store or iTunes with a mandatory Japanese account. With this card, you will be able to enjoy content on the Japanese market without the use of a national credit card. Buy on Codesend and receive your code within a minute in your mailbox.


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The offer tailored to your budget

Pay only for what you need

If you are looking for an amount different from the current card, take a look at our available cards.


The highest card available for Apple content, ideal for large purchases.



Looking for pleasure without breaking the bank, this prepaid card is the right offer for you.



A perfect offer for small budgets, make your purchases and stick to your budget.



The smallest amount for an Apple pre-paid card. Enjoy without burning a dime.


Play PSN Japanese games

Don’t panic, we’re here.

How to create a Japanese iTunes account?

First of all, it is important to have a Japanese Itunes account to make payments with a card purchased on Codesend. Prepaid offers are only valid in their country of origin. We have prepared a guide for you, with all the steps to create your account.

Now you’re ready

How to use my Prepaid card?

You are registered on the Japanese Itunes and have just received your code from Codesend by email find out how to use your card and make your first purchase on the Japanese Apple version. Follow our guide and shop with ease.

What are you waiting for?

Buy your 5,000 yen Apple gift card now


Access exclusive content from wherever you want

What to buy with a prepaid Apple Japan card

As with every App and Itunes Store, Apple offers its users a wide selection of locally adapted games, music from popular artists, unique podcasts and best-selling books. Using your 1,000 yen card, you can shop through this content that has become available.

Japanese Smartphone Games

Access games reserved for the Japanese market such as Fate/Grand Order, GrandBlue Fantasy, or Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.

Japanese Music

Stock up on Japanese music, access a sound library and buy singles and albums from your favorite artists.

Japanese E-books

A large digital library of works of all kinds. Start reading your novel, manga and other author’s books from home today.

A service for the players, by the players

Why choose Codesend?

Codesend is a Tokyo-based start-up company that strives to offer the best user experience and the most competitive prices to players around the world. Our mission is to make digital content as accessible as possible.

Receive your code instantly

You can receive your code within a minute, if we have the product you request in stock and you have already verified your account.

100% flawless codes

All the codes we distribute are authentic and work perfectly. We only do business with authorized suppliers.

Competitive pricing

Our prices are updated several times a day, so that we can guarantee you the best price on each of the gift cards we offer.

Get lots of rewards

We offer new discounts to our customers to thank them for their loyalty and support! We also have a referal program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions?

Here are some of the questions most frequently asked by our visitors. We invite you to contact our customer service if this section does not answer your questions.

Where will I receive my 5,000-Yen Itunes code?

We will send you the code in text format along with a picture of the Apple prepaid 5,000 yen card by email. We advise you to check that there are no typos in the email address you entered when you sign up.

When will I receive my Itunes card ?

First-time shoppers: If this is your first purchase on Codesend, we will require to confirm your information before sending you the email including your code. The verifying will be made by our team in less than 24 hours.

Product in stock: If it states that we hold Itunes cards in stock and that you have already bought at least once on Codesend, you will receive your card immediately after your purchase.

Backorders: If we don’t have this Japanese Itunes 5,000-Yen card in stock, we provide you the capacity to buy this product in backorder. In this circumstance, we will guarantee that you obtain your code in 24 hours.

Are there any purchase limits?

Most of our competitors limit their customers’ purchases. At Codesend, we do not apply such restrictions. You can buy as much as you need.

Still unsure about something?

We’re always here to help!

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Buy your 5,000 yen Japanese Apple gift card now