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¥3,000 Mobage Mobacoin

For the Japanese Mobage account


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A 3,000 yen worth gift card that is made to be used on the Japanese Mobage store exclusively. It will permit you to buy Japanese smartphone games from the Mobage games list or top-up your current game.

Mobage Mobacoin Card



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Mobage Mobacoin Card



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Mobage Mobacoin Card



(1 customer review)

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Order your cart Mobage and redeem it on the Japanese portal to get Mobacoin. Trade the token for mobile games or in-game content and enjoy the best JRPG and platform games on your smartphone today, thanks to Codesend.

A peek at Mobage Games list

GranBlue Fantasy

Cygames, Inc.

This fantasy game blends fighting game action and RPG-style adventure. Granblue Fantasy uses a gacha system; rather than buying new characters outright, players spend crystals, or tickets, then get a random “drop” from using the crystals or tickets.

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DeNA, Co., Ltd.

The game features original characters and stories interacting with characters, scenarios, and battles from other games in the Final Fantasy series.

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ONE PIECE Thousand Storm

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

ONE PIECE Thousand Storm is a 3D battle RPG. Players control Luffy, Nami, Zoro, Usopp and their friends to find the legendary One Piece! 

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Codesend, why choose us?

Codesend is a startup founded by gamers. We are based in Tokyo and get direct access to official resellers. We understand the difficulties of obtaining games reserved for a distinct market, so our goal is to make Japanese content accessible and bringing happiness to gamers worldwide. We try to give you the best experience at fair prices.

Pay and get your code in the minute

if we have the requested product in stock and your account is verified, you will receive your code instantly after your purchase.

Official Codes

We simply do business exclusively with accredited suppliers. All the cards we issue are authentic and work flawlessly.

Fair pricing

We have a system that updated the prices several times in the day, we ensure you that you’ll get the best price for the card(s) you want.

Discounts & Rewards

We offer rewards for everyone that purchase card using Codesend, you also get a discount for the new customer. Refer your friend and get compensated with our referral program.

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How to create a Japanese Mobage account?

First thing, you will need a Japanese Mobage account to redeem a Mobage card. If you have not yet signed up on the portal, we invite you to consult our guide on how to get your Mobage logins.

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How to use the Mobage card?

Once your account has been created, and your login details memorized, connect to the Mobage platform from where you will be able to shop and download games. Follow our step by step guide for a smooth shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions?

Here are some of the questions most frequently asked by our visitors. We invite you to contact our customer service if this section does not answer your questions.

Where will I receive my Mobage code?

We will communicate the code in text form accompanied with a picture card by email. We advise you to check that there are no typos in the email address you entered when you sign up.

When will I receive my Japanese Mobage gift card?

First-time buyers: If this is your primary shopping on Codesend, we will need to prove your information before transferring you the email containing your code. The verification will be done by our team in less than 24 hours.

Product in stock: If it says that we have Mobage cards in our stock and that you have already purchased on Codesend, you will obtain your card instantly following your purchase.

Backorders: If we don’t hold your desired card in stock, we grant you the ability to purchase this product in the backorder. In this circumstance, we will secure that you receive your code in 24 hours.

Are there any purchase limits?

Most of the sites restrict their customers’ buying. We do not practice such limitations. You can buy as much as you necessitate.

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We’re always here to help!

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