How to make a Japanese PSN account

If you already have a Japanese PSN account go directly to this section where we tell you how to redeem a Japanese PSN gift card on your PSN account.

  1. Under the users tab create a new user and create new credentials and log in
  2. Go to the PlayStation Network tab and choose Sig up for PlayStation Network
  3. You will see an option to create a new account “New Users”
  4. When choosing your home country, select Japan as your country
  5. Accept the user license agreement by selecting the lower-right button
  6. Confirm your email address in the first field, in the second and third fields enter your password and confirm it again. Your password needs to include one number and must be over six Characters long. The drop down is a secret question to recover your account if you forget your password in the futur, you can enter in English by pressing “select” on your DualShock controller.
  7. Create a User ID. The ID needs to be 3 to 16 alpha numerical characters it cannot be the same as your password and can’t be changed in the future
  8. In the first field field you need to input your LAST NAME, in the second field you need to input your FIRST NAME, then select your gender (first option is Male, second option is Female)
  9. In this step you need to register a Japanese Address. This address must be real. Once complete go to the next step
  10. Don’t opt-in for this last field. confirm your account by clicking the button on the bottom right
  11. Congratulations you now have a Japanese PSN account!

Locate your redemption code

You will receive your redemption code directly by email from If you haven’t received your code after your purchase, please contact us immediately.