Frequently Asked Questions

🚛 Delivery

When will I receive my code?

We will ship your gift card code immediately after receiving your payment, we will send you an email with your gift code in the following minutes.

Where can I find my code?

We will send you the code directly by email. Once you make a purchase, check your inbox to receive your code! If you haven’t received after 10mins please reach us via the contact page or by email :

I haven't received my code yet. What should I do?

If it’s been less than 10 minutes, please check again after 10 minutes. If you still haven’t received your code after 10 minutes, double check your spam inbox and contact us immediately.

My billing information is wrong. What should I do?

Contact us to change your billing information. Either via email or via our contact page

📦 Order

Can I cancel my order?

We will send you the gift card code immediately after your purchase so we can’t cancel your order. Please be sure before purchasing. If your code isn’t working or you haven’t received your code please contact us

Are there any purchase limits?

Yes, currently you can only buy one gift card per transaction. We have this limit for security reasons. But you can order multiple times.

My code is invalid, what should I do?

Contact us immediately :

Do I need an account to order?

No, creating an account isn’t mandatory. You can checkout as a guest. But we will need to verify your email and phone number before any purchase. This information won’t be stored in an account.

Why is my order is on hold for verification?

This could be caused by multiple reasons like if your billing address is different from your credit card information. If you are having some issues at checkout, please contact us directly via email

Can I buy codes directly at one of your offices?

We are located in Tokyo, Japan. If you are in Japan come say hello!

Why was my order refunded?

If your order was refunded it might be because our system blocked it for security reasons. Contact our help desk for more Information

Are there any fees?

There aren’t any fees, the price you see on our website is the final purchase price.

💵 Payments

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept several payment methods like: Credit cards, Debit cards, PayPal and even cryptocurrency

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes you can

Can I pay in my own currency?

You can choose the currency you wish to pay with on the website.

How can I delete my payment method info from my account?

You just need to reach out at If you need any assistance contact our help desk

Why was my payment rejected?

If your payment was rejected it might be due to an error from your bank. Please verify with your bank that you are allowed to make online purchases

🧾 Account

Do I need a phone number to sign up?

Yes you do. We need to verify your phone number to ensure the security of your transaction.

I can't sign up with my phone number

If you are having some issues signing up with your phone number please reach out to our help desk via email :

Can I sign up for multiple accounts?

Yes you can use different emails if you wish to use different accounts. But you will also need a different phone number for each email.

How do I unsubscribe myself from your mailing list?

Our transactional emails are automated based on your purchase so you can’t unsubscribe from them. But our company communication emails will always include an unsubscribe link.

If this doesn’t work, then contact us at

How do I erase my account?

Send us an email to

Should I use a VPN to use your website?

No you shouldn’t use a VPN, because this might block your payment.

Do I need to be in Japan to redeem my gift card

No, you do not need to be in Japan to redeem your gift card. Please check out our guide here 🏘️How to redeem a Gift Card to learn more about how to redeem a gift card code on all platforms.