Discover the Codepoints

What are Codesend points

CodePoints are points you earn when you perform an action on the site such as buying a pre-paid card or leaving a review on a product page but also when you undertake actions in the interest of spreading Codesend for example sharing a link or posting on your social networks. Each product has an attributed number of CodePoints according to their value.

How can I know how much a product worth in Codepoints?

The number of CodePoints that the purchase of a card will bring you is directly indicated on the product page just below the description of the corresponding item.

How can I use my CodePoints?

CodePoints can be redeemed in Dollars thru a coupon that you will be able to use directly with your next order.

How to earn more Codepoints?

Here are the methods of acquiring CodePoints as well as their limits:

> When you register, you will receive 100 CodePoints directly to your account.

> When buying cards on our site you will receive the amount of your order in CodePoints, about 1$ spent is equal to 1 CodePoint.

> Write a review for a product you have purchased and receive 100 CodePoints. Please note that to avoid abuse we have limited CodePoint earnings to 500 per month for reviews. If you would like to contribute more, please contact us and we will be able to award your points manually.

> Referring someone with your link will earn you 10 CodePoints. A limit of 100 CodePoints per day is established, for people with a large audience you can contact us directly to establish a partnership.

What is the value of a codepoint?

Each CodePoint is equivalent to $0.01.