Create a Japanese Recochoku Account


  • A valid email address.


Step 1:

Open the Recochuku website. Click here for the address.

Step 2:

Click on the top right corner logo where “ログイン” is written. 

Step 3:

On the new page, click on the text button we highlighted below. It will load the registration page.

Step 4:

Type your email address in the form and hit the black button below.

Step 5:

Fill your information following our guide below. The last dropdown list is for the region, pick one answer randomly as it doesn’t affect your registration.

Step 6:

Click on the black button. And click again on the black button on the next page.

Step 7:

The link will lead you back to the homepage.

Congratulations you are now owning a Japanese Recochoku account. Since you don’t have a Japanese credit card linked, you will need to buy and redeem gift cards to make a purchase.


Here are the suggested prepaid cards that you can purchase from us.