Create a Japanese PSN Account


  • A PS4 connected to the internet. You don't need a specific model.


Step 1:

Log out from your account and create a new user.

When the register for Playstation Network page appears, hit the “Next” button then the “New to PlayStation Network? Create an Account” button.

A new page will be load, from here click the “Sign Up Now” button.

Step 2:

The information page will now be loaded. 

Click the Country selection tab and select Japan.

From here your screen language will be Japanese. Don’t panic, keep following our guide.

The second tab is related to the language, you can see “日本語” (Japanese) only. You can’t do anything here.

The third tab “生生月日” is your birthdate, simply your birth information

Step 3:

Hit the “次へ” button.

Step 4:

A new page will be loaded, this one will be related to the address. 

Simply fill the first Tab郵便番号” with 1550031 the other two forms below will be filled automatically.

Step 5:

Hit the “次へ” button.

Step 6:

A new page will be loaded, this one will be for your email information and password.

Step 7:

Fill out your information from to bottom:

  • Email address (need to be a real email address)
  • Password
  • Password confirmation

Step 8:

Hit the “次へ” button.

Step 9:

A new page will be loaded, now you will be required to submit your last pieces of information and create your online ID.

Step 10:

Fill out your information from to bottom:

  • Online ID
  • First Name
  • Last name

Last, you need to pick an avatar. Feel free to pick one of your choices.

Step 11:

Hit the “次へ” button.

Step 12:

A few pages will be appearing, this is for the terms & conditions. Simply hit the right button.

As a marketing process, now Playstation will try to upsell you a Playstation plus option, naturally refuse it, and finalize the process.  

Step 13:

Verify your email address, Sony has sent you an email on the address you gave earlier.

Step 14:

Congratulation, you now own a Japanese Playsation Account, browse the PS Store to Download exclusive demos and games.

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