Create a Japanese Nintendo Account


  • A Computer or cellphone connected to the internet.
  • A Nintendo Switch, Wii U or Nintendo 3DS connected to the internet.


Step 1:

Go to this address:

Step 2:

Hit the “Create a Nintendo Account” and create your new account with a different email address (a real one).

Give your information and set your country to Japan and finish the process.

The interface will not change to Japanese language.

Step 3:

Create a new profile on your Nintendo device.

Step 4:

Select Sign In and Link to link an existing Nintendo Account. Link your new profile to your new Japanese Account.

Step 5:

Insert the 4 digits code you will receive on your email address linked to your Japanese account into your device.

Step 14:

Congratulation, you now own a Japanese Nintendo Account, browse the Nintendo eShop to Download exclusive demos, extensions, and games.

Don’t forget, not all foreign cards work on the Japanese Nintendo eShop and the currency conversion rate can be quite high. To purchase content we suggest users to use Japanese Nintendo gift cards, you can buy them in our store now.


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