Create a Japanese Mobage Account


  • A valid email address that you can access to verify it.
  • A smartphone connected to the internet.


Step 1:

Open the Mobage JP website on your smartphone device. Click here for the address.

Step 2:

Click on the top right corner logo where “ログイン” is written. 

Step 3:

It will open a new page, scroll down and click on “はじめてご利用の方” to create a new account.

Step 4:

Type your email address in the form and hit the yellow button below.

Step 5:

You will receive an email from Mobage with a 4 digits code in it.

Step 7:

Copy and paste this code into the form inside the new page that opened on the Mobage website. Hit the yellow button

Step 8:

A new page will open, where you need to register your information. Follow the guide below.

Step 9:

For the last step of your registration, Mobage will ask you a secret question for security. To make it easy we suggest you pick the first choice from the form, it will be easier to remember if you need it.

This question is: What is your mother’s maiden name?

If you know it, answer the correct one. If not you can simply think of something you will remember.

Step 10:

Hit the yellow button to confirm your information and finish the process of registration.

Congratulations you are now owning a Japanese Mobage account. Since you don’t have a Japanese credit card linked, you will need to buy and redeem gift cards to make a purchase.


Here are the suggested prepaid cards that you can purchase from us.