About us

We are a team of passionate people living in Japan for several years. We are aware of the impact of the Japanese culture all over the world but also of the difficulty to access it, as many sites require payments made with local credit cards. We have developed Codesend in order to make this content accessible to you.

We developed this project with the idea of offering the most attractive prices on the market thanks to a weekly price update system. We take great care in online security for our customers, our service is secure for you as well as for us.

If buying Japanese content may seem a bit complicated, don’t worry, we will assist you from start to finish. Your satisfaction is our motivation, check out our content, and don’t hesitate to ask us questions.

Our values


Providing a safe experience for all.


Helping you on any aspects of your purchase.


Providing the best value for you.


Nobody likes to wait, our codes come fast.